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MRB Counseling Services, Inc. is a bilingual treatment program. It is based on the philosophy that alcoholism and chemical dependency is a treatable illness characterized by compulsion, loss of control, the tendency to use despite adverse consequences and a tendency to relapse unless support systems are fully utilized.

MRB Counseling Services, Inc. is designed to provide a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services in a non-residential setting for alcohol and chemically dependent individuals whose physical and emotional status allows them to function in their usual home and work environment.

The goal of MRB Counseling Services, Inc. program is to provide a bilingual and cost-effective Alcohol and Drug Education Program in a comprehensive and therapeutically sound outpatient environment.
The design of MRB Counseling Services, Inc. program provides each participant with a well-planned comprehensive and structured program of individualized drug and alcohol treatment, support, and aftercare services. In order to give you more information about us, a list of questions and answers is presented here :

What is MRB Counseling Services, Inc. program?

MRBCS is an AAD outpatient treatment and education program developed to provide drug treatment and support services to bilingual adults 18 years and older with problems of drug abuse and persons at-risk for chemical dependency.
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MRB Counseling Services, A Bilingual (Spanish and English) treatment center committed to provide the appropriate level of care to everyone in need of mental health help.

The mission of MRB Counseling Services is to provide advocacy, education, information, treatment, and other assistance necessary to ensure that anyone who requires mental health care receives the right services or is oriented in the right path.

Depression, anger, violence, indifference, drug and alcohol abuse – these are just a few of the emotional obstacles that can negatively impact your relationships, your personal well-being and your overall quality of life. If you find yourself feeling sad, isolated or empty all the time, or if you find that your behavior is pushing away your friends and loved ones, then it might be time to seek for help. 
Nobody can make the decision to enter therapy but you. When you do choose to seek the help of a professional, come to MRB Counseling Services; Our professionals understand the difficulties associated with the kinds of powerful emotions you’re experiencing, and are experts at helping people just like you find their way back to a place of stability.

Deciding that it is time for professional emotional counseling is one of the most difficult decisions that you can make. Choosing the right therapist once you have committed to counseling should be the easy part. At MRB Counseling Services, we want to make sure that it is. Our comprehensive counseling services are second to none, and everything that we offer is based around the simple premise that your comfort and happiness are our top priorities. Our compassionate therapists are devoted to this ideal, and we work tirelessly to uphold it.

MRB Counseling Services offers psychological, psychiatric and counseling services. All patients are welcome. We have full mental health care available as well as therapy and case management.

MRB Counseling Services, Inc. is dedicated to helping you feel better in both body and mind today. We specialize in:

Mental health
Individual, family, and group Counseling
Marriage and Couples counseling
Psychological and Psychiatric evaluations
Urinalysis Testing
Drug Education and Prevention
DUI/DWI cases, State approved
Anger management
Sexual Offender's Evaluations
Court and Attorney Support
MVA Approved Classes (DIP, 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Class) Classroom (call 301-527-0854 or 301-326-4356 or 240-566-5656) or register online

Frederick Office
5 Hillcrest Dr, Suite B200
Frederick, MD 21703
Ph: (240)566-5656
Fax: 301-378-2930

Gaithersburg Office
101 Chestnut St, Suite 110
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Ph: (301)527-0854
Fax: (240)243-1061

Hyattsville Office
1835 University Blvd, Suite 220
Ph: (301) 326 4356
Fax: (301) 326-4361

24 Hr Hot line: 301-512-0663

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