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MRB Counseling Services Inc.

MRB Counseling Services, Inc. is a bilingual treatment program. It is based on the philosophy that alcoholism and chemical dependency is a treatable illness characterized by compulsion, loss of control, the tendency to use despite adverse consequences and a tendency to relapse unless support systems are fully utilized.

MRB Counseling Services, Inc. is designed to provide a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services in a non-residential setting for alcohol and chemically dependent individuals whose physical and emotional status allows them to function in their usual home and work environment.

The goal of MRB Counseling Services, Inc. program is to provide a bilingual and cost-effective Alcohol and Drug Education Program in a comprehensive and therapeutically sound outpatient environment.


Welcome to MRB Counseling Services

The design of MRB Counseling Services, Inc. program provides each participant with a well-planned comprehensive and structured program of individualized drug and alcohol treatment, support, and aftercare services. In order to give you more information about us, a list of questions and answers is presented here :

What is MRB Counseling Services, Inc. program?

MRBCS is an AOD outpatient treatment and education program developed to provide drug treatment and support services to bilingual adults 18 years and older with problems of drug abuse and persons at-risk for chemical dependency.